Jane Fonda: Ihre Karriere in Bildern

Text: Anna Kellner

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Kommentare (1)

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    wow I know i was kinda pessid that u guys didn't win for that movie but to be honest it was an i know for u guys to be nominated in those categories and I guess that Angels in America was good i haven't seen it yet because i have Showtime which is where i first saw SG. I'm so proud that u have come this far and I know your going to keep on bringing people to the surface of this subject. Wow You, Troy, and Lee looked so good. I was jumping out of my seat when Lee Pace was announced and the other Golden Globes that u were nominated for. Man i can't believe that J-Lo was there, that had to take real courage to not to be on Ben's arm and no matter what they say J-Lo did not ruin his career he thinks he is all that and he is not that hot. LOLAngie

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Jane Fonda: Ihre Karriere in Bildern

Jane Fonda hat viel erlebt: sie ist oscar-prämierte Schauspielerin, Fitness-Ikone und nun auch wieder Buchautorin. Wir blicken zurück auf ihre Karriere und ihr Engagement.

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