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Frauen halten sich Kussmünder vors Gesicht - aus gutem Grund!

Seid ihr auch schon auf diese Bilder gestoßen? Frauen halten sich die Hand vor den Mund und haben dabei die Spuren eines Lippenstift-Kusses auf dem Handrücken. Wir erklären, was dahintersteckt.

Die Bilder entstehen im Rahmen der Kampagne #kissandmakeup, die in Zusammenarbeit mit einer Kosmetikfirma ins Leben gerufen wurde. Ziel der Initiative ist es, Aufmerksamkeit auf das Thema Cybermobbing zu lenken:

88 Prozent aller Teenager wurden laut der Initiatoren bereits Opfer von Cybermobbing - das muss sich ändern!

Um auf das Thema aufmerksam zu machen und die Diskussion anzuregen, posten zahlreiche Frauen dieser Tage diese und ähnliche Bilder. Nicht nur, dass der Zweck wirklich gut ist - die Fotos machen auch gut was her, oder?!

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K I S S. A N D. M A K E U P. 💋 When I was in 8th grade, I was bullied - but no one called it that. I was called "fat," " prude," and "fro-bitch" for my naturally curly hair that my mother had prayed for. I have a feeling deep down that that's why I never think to wear my natural hair curly. It wasn't that bad actually compared to other stories I've heard & it wasn't anything compared to the inner turmoil I felt myself, BELIEVING what these kids had called me. So, I can't even imagine what that would be like today with cyber-bullying. Being called that on Instagram where everyone would see it? Being reminded of it every day? God only knows the lasting damage that can cause. When people can hide behind a screen - or an iPhone - I can only imagine the cruel words that are said, with that cloak of bravado that distance provides. While these wounds might heal, the indelible scars left there will shape the way these children view themselves - and the world - for life. And, it might not be something as simple as not wanting to wear your hair curly or always thinking you're fat. It could be as deep as them feeling utterly unlovable. While I wish we could be stronger, that's just not the way human nature works, especially with teens whose brains - and, thus emotional processing - have not fully developed. That's why I'm so proudly -& firmly-supporting the cyber-bullying campaign #KissAndMakeup with @bystanderrevolution & @TarteCosmetics. I hope you'll join me. Just put on lipstick, kiss your hand, hold the kiss mark over your lips & send a positive message to those being bullied, with the hashtag #KissAndMakeup. Share your stories so they'll know they're not alone and that they WILL get through it. Back in my day, bullying was a rite of passage that you had to get through to "make you stronger." Parents & teachers alike stood behind this viewpoint. Well, I can't ever think that cruelty should be a rite of passage. Bullying is just hate, and cyber-bullying is hate masked by media. When you look at hate, all it really is is FEAR. You spot it, you got it, as they say - and these bullies either see something they don't like about themselves or something they want in you. xo

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