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Rührendes Projekt: Hier kochen Menschen für trauernde Freunde ❤️

Manchmal kann ein liebevoll gekochtes Essen mehr trösten als bloße Worte. Eine Bloggerin ruft deshalb zur Aktion "Feeding a broken heart" auf.

Das hat auch Lindsay, Food-Bloggerin bei pinchofyum, erfahren dürfen, wie sie in einem emotionalen Instagram-Post beschreibt:

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hi friends 👋🏼 I wanted to write more of a personal message tonight to give you the back story for our upcoming recipe series. As many of you may know, Bjork and I recently experienced the premature birth and loss of our son, Afton, after a precious 15 hours with him. These last few months have been heavy with the deepest grief and heartache we've ever known. And for me, those emotions have come hand-in-hand with losing my appetite. . We've been so fortunate to have such a rockstar community of people supporting us, both online (hi! that's you!) and in person. We've had nearly ten weeks straight of soups, lasagnas, tacos, and enchiladas dropped off on our doorstep by people who love us and love Afton. These gifts have not only fed us - they've helped me to find a little joy in food again. . That's why I'm calling this series Feeding a Broken Heart. . We would LOVE to have you join our mini-movement during this series to honor our son's life and support your people. Here's how: . 1) Think of someone who has a broken heart. A break up, a loss, a diagnosis... got your person? . 2) Make them one of the comfort food recipes in this series (like today's recipe: creamy potato soup 👆🏼). Have them over for dinner, or drop it off on their doorstep. Or if you don't live close - email a bite squad / ubereats gift card. Or snail mail chocolate chip cookies. So many ways to do this. . 3) Show us how you're participating by using the hashtag #feedingabrokenheart. We will be featuring some of your love-filled stories on our posts throughout this series through the rest of March. 💕 . If you don’t know anyone with a broken heart right now, you can still make any of these recipes in honor of our sweet baby and use the hashtag, and you know we will love you majorly for it. . Thank you for loving our little family through this intensely difficult time in our lives. We have read all your comments and emails - we've printed literally thousands of them off to keep with all of Afton's clothes and blankets and books as a reminder of how much he is loved. As weird as it sounds, you - our online tribe - are a huge part of what has kept our broken hearts beating. Thank you!

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"Trauer & Herzschmerz, wie wir sie noch nie erlebt haben"

"Wie viele von euch wissen, haben Bjork und ich kürzlich die Frühgeburt und den Verlust unseren Sohnes Afton erleben müssen, nachdem wir nur 15 wertvolle Stunden mit ihm verbringen durften. Diese letzten paar Monate waren so von tiefer Trauer und Herzschmerz geprägt, wie wir sie noch nie zuvor erlebt haben. Für mich ging das damit einher, dass ich meinen Appetit verloren habe.

Wir konnten uns aber glücklich schätzen, dass wir so eine Rockstar-Community um uns haben, die uns unterstützt (Hi! Das seid ihr!). Fast 10 Wochen lang haben Menschen, die uns und Afton lieben, Suppen, Lasagne, Tacos und Enchiladas an unserer Türschwelle abgegeben. Diese Geschenke haben uns nicht nur satt gemacht, sie haben mir auch dabei geholfen, wieder Freude am Essen zu empfinden. Deshalb rufe ich jetzt zu #feedingabrokenheart auf."

Feeding a broken heart - so geht's:

  1. Denke an jemanden, der gerade unter einem gebrochenen Herzen leidet. Eine Trennung, ein Verlust, eine Diagnose... weißt du jemanden?
  2. Koche eines der Komfort-Gerichte aus der Mini-Serie auf (z.B. Überbackene Mac & Cheese oder die cremige Kartoffelsuppe). Lade die Person zum Abendessen ein, stell es ihr vor die Haustür oder schicke ihr Schokoladekekse per Post. Es gibt so viele Möglichkeiten, das zu tun.
  3. Zeig auf Instagram unter dem Hashtag #feedingabrokenheart, was du gekocht hast.

Wenn ihr auch für jemanden kochen wollt, der gerade eine schwere Zeit durchmacht, findet ihr hier Lindsays Rezepte:

#feedingabrokenheart - und das Netz kocht mit...

Die schönsten Bilder von mit Liebe gekochten Gerichten zeigt Lindsay dann in ihrem Instagram-Profil. Hier die schönsten Beispiele:

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Well folks we made it to Thursday and I'm thinking we all deserve a little chocolate, don't you? 🙋🏻I'm delivering these little 4 ingredient homemade chocolates to a friend of mine this afternoon because she definitely deserves a few of these after the 💩 she's been through this week. They are crunchy, creamy, chocolatey and stupid easy to make! If you don't have heart shape molds you can use a mini muffin tin or make it into chocolate bark! . . Dedicating this post to my fellow Lindsay and food blogger pro (see what I did there😏) @pinchofyum because she also deserves a few of these! 💕#feedingabrokenheart #chocolate ▪️3 oz. chocolate bar (I used @alterecosf) ▪️1 1/2 T coconut butter ▪️1 T coconut oil ▪️2 T coconut flakes, banana chips (I used @baresnacks coconut and banana chips) or mulberries (or use a combo of each like I did here) Melt first 3 ingredients over a double boiler. Sprinkle a 1/2 t of the coconut flakes (or whatever you used) in the bottom of the molds or muffin tins. Pour the chocolate over the top and let set in the freezer for 10 minutes or until hardened. Pop out of the molds and try not to eat them all at once🙈. Makes about 7 heart shaped chocolates. If making it into bark, spread the mixture onto a piece of parchment paper and sprinkle the coconut chips over!

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Repost from @ A Farmgirl's Dabbles (@farmgirlsdabble using @RepostRegramApp - More baking to comfort those we care about. My grandma's blueberry muffins, delivered to our neighbors who had to put their beautiful labradoodle Lena to sleep last week, after she experienced multiple seizures due to an enlarged heart. We moved into this neighborhood almost 13 years ago, and Lena was welcomed into our neighbor's home shortly thereafter, as the spunkiest and softest little black curly-haired puppy ever. Since then, we've watched Lena's family walk with her at least a couple times every day past our front yard to the park beyond. Now their sweet Lena is gone. And yes, we feel it too. #dogfriends #feedingabrokenheart #blueberrymuffins

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ohsnap 🧀👅 baked mac and cheese with xl buttery breadcrumbs // heavy on the cheesy insides, light on the crunchy outsides, and dominating on the omg yum factor. this is the dictionary definition of comfort food. . which is fitting! because this is the second recipe in our #feedingabrokenheart series. 💙 it has been so inspiring and heart-healing to watch you cooking for the people you love in honor and remembrance of our baby. You are healing bodies and souls with food and I've never loved you guys more 😘 . I'll feature a few of your images here on IG in a few days, so if you want to participate/be featured, remember to use the hashtag #feedingabrokenheart. any recipe counts as long as you're making it with lots of love for someone. or in the case of this mac and chz -- it can be for your own heart, too. ☺️ . recipe is too long to share so imma direct you to the recipe 👉🏼 thanks @stephmwise for introducing me to this goodness and @the_food_lab_ for the solid recipe. . #macandcheese #pasta #cheese #feedfeed #f52grams #buzzfeast #eater #comfortfood #vegetarian #realfood #instayum #instagood #darlingmoment #foodandwine #foodblogfeed #macncheese #yummy

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